So far, we have only reacted to visible defects, but in the future we will also be able to predict them in advance. For example, it will be possible to replace a component that reaches the end of its life cycle before it breaks down, says Jani Rautiainen, director of parts and service. Tractor's sensors monitor dozens of different variables such as speed, temperature, pressure, operating time, fluid flow and so on. If the Machine Monitoring Center detects a component failure, for example based on temperature, operating time or pressure, then the local service center or customer will receive a corresponding message. - The Valtra authorized service center closest to the customer will receive a message describing the suspected defect, as well as a list of required components and repair instructions and estimated time to complete it. This allows the customer and the service center to agree an appropriate inspection date for the tractor, explains Rautiainen. The gradual introduction of the service The new service was tested in 2020 among customers in real conditions. The same system is already being used or introduced on other AGCO tractors, combines and sprayers, which means the team already has considerable experience in this field. - The service is being introduced gradually. We are still working on the system, so its ability to detect possible problems early and provide repair instructions to repair shops is constantly improving. Development work is facilitated by the fact that we are able to use the same technologies in different AGCO products. As the new service will be offered as part of Valtra Connect, customers will not incur any additional costs. You will also not need to install new hardware or software. Existing Valtra Connect customers will therefore be able to access the service without any problems. Of course, using the new service is completely voluntary.

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